Creating Tennessee’s Funding Formula, Together

Public Input on a New Funding Approach

The newly proposed, student-based funding formula was designed with your input. Thousands of Tennesseans weighted in through:

  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Surveys
  • Town Halls

Your participation throughout this process was critical to getting our formula right. Please continue to share your thoughts.

Subcommittee Overview

Eighteen subcommittees, each with a unique perspective on public education in Tennessee, considered your public comments while developing recommendations for the Tennessee Investment in Student Achievement. Subcommittees’ recommendations were organized by a steering committee and provided to state officials, so they could use them as a guide while drafting formula legislation.

Parents, students, teachers, district and school leaders, higher education partners, elected officials, business leaders, education stakeholders and members of the public from across Tennessee all participated in the subcommittee process.

  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Economically Disadvantaged and Highly Mobile Students
  • Education Foundations
  • English Learners
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Higher Education and Post-Secondary Readiness
  • Parent Choice and Voice
  • Post-Secondary Readiness and the Business Community
  • Principals
  • Regional Collectives and Advocacy
  • Rural and Small Districts
  • School System Leadership
  • School System Personnel
  • Students
  • Students with Disabilities and Gifted Students
  • Suburban Districts, Municipals, and Fast-Growing Communities
  • Teachers
  • Urban Districts

For more information, visit the Tennessee Department of Education’s website.